NOW whatcha gonna do?

Strike while the iron’s HOT!

Yes! I’m talkin’ to YOU!

If you want to get where you’re dreaming of going, this has to be your mantra . . . always moving forward.

Intimately aware that everything is moving – ALWAYS!

You are resolutely committed to achieving the imminent reward for your consistent and persistent innovation and diligence.

Go into every meeting, class, and convention with a requirement of yourself to identify the most important and significant learning of the experience.

Yes . . . just ONE thing that WILL be what you’re gonna do as soon as you leave the venue.

In fact, if this idea is VERY HOT, and you ID it in the middle of the session . . . LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and get to work.

Don’t let it get cold.

Time’s awastin’ . . . no rest for the weary . . . let no grass grow under your feet . . . GO and DO . . . IMMEDIATELY!

Make implementation of this one idea the most important thing in your world until it is accomplished.


THIS does not belong on your list of things to do.

Get’r DONE!

Yesterday at Greater Nashville REALTORS, I facilitated a “Small Broker Round-Table” session for Principal Brokers of firms with fewer than 20 agents. The broad topic was “Issues and Opportunities associated with management of a small firm” with 4 prescribed topics – People – Systems – Tools – Cyber-security.

After my brief opening, I faded into the fringes and watched as these brilliant Brokers openly shared and learned with great passion. Going into the meeting, we had defined some “structure” that there would be four 20 minute sessions, so the participants could move from one topic to the next every 20 minutes.

At the end of the 1st 20 minute session, I stood and hollered that it was time to rotate, and they very matter of factly let me know that they were doing just fine covering the 4 topics themselves in their groups  . . . The message to me was that there was no way in hell they were going to “rotate” . . . So I relegated the “structure” component to a “check the box” announcement every 20 minutes that it was time to rotate.

At the end of 80 minutes of amazing discussion, I stopped them for about 20 minutes for “closing” – any AHAs?

There were many, and I challenged each and every one of them to IMMEDIATELY implement their ONE best idea from the session.

I don’t know if anyone did so, but I’m betting some did.

My learning from this?

Continue to invite folks to gather to discuss issues and opportunities important to them accompanied by the sole dictum of “Strike while the Fire’s HOT!

I have implemented my top idea by scheduling a session with another group of Principal Brokers next week, and I know that this group will jump in with similar passion.

All boats do, indeed, rise with the tide.

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It’s a MESS around here!

How messy does it have to get before you do something about it?

After all, some of us are PROUD of our messes as if they are some sort of architecturally engineered marvel.

If that thing topples, someone is going to get hurt.

Others are tidy all the time (or they shove all of the spillage into a lockable closet).

Within reason, busy is GOOD.

Busily innovating and doing is naturally messy and is exciting enough that we don’t even notice the disarray . . . until someone brings it to our attention, or we find ourselves in one of those natural pauses in the development cycle . . . or we finally get fed up with the counter-productive by-product of not being able to find even the simplest of things . . . like a hole punch or stapler.

Next thing ya know, you swing into action purging and sorting and cleaning until you finally find the top of your desk and then the floor . . . and the cycle continues.

I love being organized and lean towards OCD with my organizational discipline, but guess what?

I can’t find my stapler . . .

Herein lies a strong indicator that I am in the midst of FABULOUSLY busy week of connecting dots that I couldn’t seem to connect in the past and finding resolution to many hiccups in my plans.

THIS is the life of an entrepreneur, and I LOVE it!

There now – Not that you needed it, but your off the hook of being tidy.

Go make your mess and THRIVE!


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Answer these 21 questions to to build a great business

Your Personal Lead Generation Strategy


  1. If everything could be happy happy joy joy, what would your business look like?
  2. Who would you serve?
  3. Where would you be selling houses?
  4. How much money would you like to be making each month/year?
  5. Who do you know now?
  6. Who would you like to know?
  7. Who are your 5 closest friends . . . and why?
  8. Do you have a database?
  9. If so, do you have the ability/strategy to communicate with your database?
  10. Do THEY know they are in your database?
  11. Do they know how important they are to you and your business?
  12. There are lots of people you haven’t met . . . Who are the ones you’d die to meet?
  13. How important is this to you?
  14. Are you willing to do “whatever it takes”?
  15. Proactive or reactive?
  16. Intentional or accidental?
  17. What % of your business would you like from your Sphere of Influence SOI? (Repeat & Referral)
  18. What % of Incidental/Accidental do you expect? (Open Houses, Sign calls)
  19. Are you willing to Dial for $? (Withdrawn, Expired, FSBO)
  20. What % could you reasonably expect from a Farm?
  21. What % do you think you can capture monthly via Internet lead Generation?


It’s time for some math.


Refer back to #4 . . . Apply #14, and consider this final and most important Question:




Now GO and DO!

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Let’s not question IF

If we do all this, we’ll succeed.
So, how sure are you that you CAN “do all this?”
What if you don’t do all this and fail to succeed?
Even more weighty” What if you DO do all this and fail to succeed?
I’ll venture to say that most failure is not due to lack of effort or desire or talent or intelligence or manual dexterity.
Most often, failure is a direct by-product of lack of commitment from the start.
Let’s worry less about “If” and focus on “WHEN.”
Bring it with confidence:
“When we do all this, we WILL succeed!” 
This is a resolute certainty . . . an imminent result of our thoughts and actions, as we forge our way forward.
When we think in terms of imminence, we succeed more frequently and at higher levels.
GOOGLE defines:
im·mi·nent – ˈimənənt/
about to happen – impending, close (at hand), near, (fast) approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, just around the corner, coming down the pike, expected, anticipated, brewing
Quit doubting yourself!
I know that you are imminently suitable for high levels of success.
A special shout out to Seth Godin for his frequent use of the word imminent and the sheer power of the mental shift we accomplish when we incorporate it in our daily pursuits.
At the start of every day, say this aloud 10 ten times:
“My success is imminent!”
Don’t you love the way those words roll off your tongue?
Let’s DO this!
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R E S P E C T – Monday Morning Coffee

Can you COMMAND respect?

When I was in the Army, I witnessed some officers who COMMANDED the respect of “their subordinates” while others respected the soldiers under their command and earned the respect of the soldiers who serve WITH them. I always considered the former to be bullies and the latter to be LEADERS.

I know that everyone deserves to be respected.

I also know that we are “supposed” to respect people in roles of authority.

I’ve found that the more I respect others the more they respect me – usually.

Show of respect is a very powerful thing.

The more you practice the better.

If you want better service, respect your server.

Little things like going out of your way to hold a door for another person who is having difficulty . . .

or genuinely thanking the person who bagged your groceries . . .

or realizing that your restaurant server is “in the weeds” and letting him off the hook with acknowledgement and empathy . . .

or listening to and following the advice of the expert serving you . . . and paying her appropriately without quibbling.

In the absence of respect grows resentment which is an extremely powerful and destructive emotion that is very difficult to overcome.

THIS is the fodder for toxic relationships.

Life’s too short!

Respect others!

Remove yourself from relationships in which mutual respect is lacking.

Live, love, laugh, play, learn, and be happy and grateful.



PS: Respect your REALTOR this week (and every week) with a genuine endorsement of his/her services. I and the Vital Few members of Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to serve and respect you every step of the way through to the closing of your new home.

Begin your search here 

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